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Bicester Aikido Club

Aikido is one of the newest martial arts, which was popularised by Steven Seagal in films like Nico and Under Siege. It is based on 'Budo' the art of the Samurai and thus uses weapons as part of the training programme. The sword (Bokken) and Staff (Jo) are taught.

Ideal as a self defense, while getting fit and having fun.

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Club run by Martyn Tyas and Jason Smith. Aikido, a martial (not marital) art, alternate spellings: akido, aakido, aikedo. Located in Bicester, Oxfordshire (oxon) 12 miles east of Oxford.



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Langford Village Hall, Bicester, Oxfordshire. Aikido is a modern martial art based on budo the fighting art of the Samurai and is somewhat different to judo and karate